Episode 1 | Pregnancy Complications & Medical Imaging

If you or someone you knew was suffering from a complicated pregnancy – would you enroll in a rigorous medical imaging research study? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has the potential to detect pregnancy problems, and although it is a very sensitive imaging technique it does not come without some drawbacks. Tune into the first episode of Research Radio to hear how a 2nd year Master’s student, Antara, overcomes her ethical reservations about imaging at-risk pregnant women and soon realizes the power of medical imaging in helping to diagnose patients. She sits down with Dr. Kartik Jhaveri (MD, FRCPC, Professor, Director) who made it clear that imaging has a huge role to play in improving patient outcome, and that the outcome of patients should be the focus of innovation in radiology and medical biophysics. It is important to always be critical of the implications of a research study, and that is what we hope to do at Research Radio!

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